Our cosmetics

Our philosophy is life in harmony with the nature and with itself!

Through our massage and products with which we work we aim to return to our guests the forgotten truth that beauty and cosmetics shall be natural and live.

Our collections of natural cosmetics for health and beauty are entirely based on recipes of a traditional Thai travolecheniye. We live and we study wisdom at herbs and the nature. We recover vital forces and energy balance due to use of curative herbs. It at the same time both pride, and pleasure – to inform you of understanding of the Thai perception of life through treatment by herbs or through genuine aromas of fragrant Thai flowers. All products which are used by our masters are brought from Thailand and in order that you knew what benefit this or that product brings we created this section in which you can will get acquainted with all products which are used in our salon.

Lemongrass and Pandanus

Renders the abirritating action on an organism, has antibacterial and antimicotic effect. Supports the normal level of a cholesterin in a blood, removes toxins, excess of fats and therefore is a detoksikator of a liver, pancreas, kidneys, a bladder and digestive tract.
Normalizes digestion, Helps at an abdominal distention and spastic strictures with an intestine. Is a soft sedative and abirritates nerves. Contains vitamin A that positively influences but a skin and eyes. It is useful to heart, can reduce temperature and a headache and well satisfies thirst.
Doesn't contain caffeine, dyes, additives and preservatives and is suitable for all age.


Grown up in Thailand Bael (MATUM) it is seldom possible to meet in the form of tea. Usually it meets in the form of fresh or dried fetuses. Among the list of useful plants Bael is one of the most known. It is used to help a brain and heart, at gastrointestinal diseases, also it perfectly helps at periodic colds, bronchitis and acute respiratory diseases and also as knitting and antiseptic.
Bael has unique aroma and exotic taste which can be strong, but not overwhelming. Lack of caffeine, Bael do tea easy and refreshing. It can be drunk as we heat, and with ice. This unique drink quickly will become one of your darlings. Doesn't contain caffeine, dyes, additives and preservatives and is suitable for all age.

Cocoa oil

One more of besseler from our nature, such favorable on the gifts! Cocoa oil - the fine means applied in cosmetology to a skin care. At women of South America of the spoiling extensions on a body even after numerous childbirth doesn't happen, the secret of beauty of their firm skin consists in regular use of cocoa butter. In the Mantra salon Spa we use fragrant cocoa butter for fight against dryness of skin, display of wrinkles and for rejuvenescence of the person, a neck and a body. This fat natural product is world-best natural means from extensions and scars: carefully and deeply nourishing skin, oil smoothes all folds, hems and hillocks, at the same time oil has antiallergenic properties. Cocoa butter will protect your skin and from frosts, the best frostbite medicine and an obvetrivaniye to find simply not perhaps! And if right after massage with cocoa oil in Spa the Mantra you decide to acquire a tan or a sunbed that suntan to turn out beautiful brown color.
Is fine means for prevention and elimination of extensions, scars and other cosmetic defects.

Shi's (carriage) oil

Karite's oil - the means created by the nature for care of skin and hair. It is made of selected ripe nuts. Oil is ideal for moistening, mitigation and food of skin, has wound healing, antiseptic effect. Oil zffektivno eliminates a consequence of burns, "cleans" hems and extensions. Treats acne rashes, eliminates inflammations, levels tone of skin. Has natural sun-protection properties. It is possible to use for care of hair. Is suitable for care of gentle skin of babies and children. After massage with oil skin remains some more days to the carriage soft and velvety, the effect is swept especially up during a winter season.

Coco oil

Effect of coconut oil is boundless. Coconut oil is the best therapeutic means in Thailand. Since ancient times residents of Thailand applied coconut oil on skin to soften and saturate sun-scorched and operation on fields skin. Protecting and nourishing skin, oil recovered it and prolonged youth. Many Thai women still don't use cosmetics, and just put in the morning and in the evening natural coconut oil and results shake! At many of them, considering continuous solar influence, by an old age wrinkles are practically not watched. But only regular — guarantee of resistant result!
Our oil is received by cold pressing that allows it to keep in full Vitamin E and lauric acid. These potent nutritious components take root into an integument and fight against free radicals which, as we know, are the reason of aging of a skin and an organism in general. Regular use prevents formation of folds, eliminates a xeroderma and any possible borings.

Natural gel of the Aloe Vera

Natural source of fresh potent antioxidants. Allows to protect a skin from oxidation, prevents aging and emergence of folds. Improves cellular oxygen exchange, has soft medical effect - takes out an inflammation, dermal rashes, reduces negative impact of the polluted environment and eliminates consequences of long influence of the sun. Gel of 100% of the Aloe Vera – universal gel. Thailand uses it for well-known a massage Aloe vera. For this purpose gel is admixed with massage oil or cream just before the procedure. Such massage gives the fine cooling and moistening effect, restores very dry skin, napityvy its natural moisture of an aloe belief. Also gel can be used independently and to apply with a thin layer on a skin for putting off of an inflammation after thermal and solar combustions. It instantly takes out a combustion, allows to reduce the itch, an eruption and a boring caused by an allergy. Strengthens skin cells. It is used also and for mild acupressure of the person.
Active ingredients: the deionized water, juice scarlet belief, порошёк from juice of leaves Aloe Barbadensis
Massage with oil one of the most popular and pleasant massages for him we use only natural oils and those that have undergone long-term testing in our salon.

Face scrub Jasmine Rees

Cream - a face scrub jasmine rice with unusually interesting and pleasant texture, very softly, and at the same time deeply and effectively clears skin of various pollution. It with love is made for you of famous Thai Jasmine Rees who contains curative minerals and vitamins, so necessary for skin, and also a complex of the special moisturizing extracts which prevent emergence of wrinkles.
Active ingredients: the deionized water, oil ши, oil jojoba, powder of a tamarind, a granule of apricot nut, extract of jasmine rice.

Body scrub Jasmine

Magnificent creamy srub with natural essential oil and extract of a jasmine which effectively delete the become lifeless skin sections, at the same time moistening it. Means also contains a large amount of various extracts of tropical plants which nourish skin, and fantastically charming aroma of a jasmine reduces a depression and a stress.
Active ingredients: the deionized water, oil ши, oil jojoba, powder of a tamarind, a granule of apricot nut, jasmine essence.

Body scrub Coconut

The cream srub contains nutritious vegetable ingredients, natural oil and fruit extract which will help to peel gently become lifeless sections of skin and to remove skin pollution from internal skin layers, at the same time clearing and adding to skin gloss and shine. Existence in cream srub of natural herbs will help to soften and clear skin thanks to the therapeutic properties which are available in them. The cream srub the Coco – regenerates dry skin! Coconut oil is known the versatility in medical application: from property to act as the anesthetizing oil treating bruises healing wounds and scars up to the Thai use as conditioning agents behind a body and skin. In this regard the Srub on the basis of coconut oil best of all suits the dry and very dry skin needing restoration. Coconut oil during the procedure of clarification will quickly be absorbed and will restore a healthy condition of skin. Coconut oil as a part of a cream cleaner will cure not only of dryness and of cracks, but also of a bacterial and virus inflammation.
Active ingredients: the deionized water, oil ши, oil jojoba, oil of sweet almonds, nut oil a macadamia, an extension from Morus Alba leaves, honey, coconut oil, coconut granules.

Body scrub of Mungo

One more srub which, which is adored by our guests! Contains nutritious vegetable ingredients, natural oil and extract of the Thai mango which will help to peel gently devitalized sections of a skin and to remove dermal pollution from internal dermal layers, at the same time clearing and adding to a skin gloss and shine. Existence in a cream srub of natural herbs will help to soften and clear a skin thanks to the therapeutic properties which are available in them. The lime is rich with vitamin C, has the invigorating effect and promotes the best blood circulation Active ingredients: the deionized water, oil ши, oil of sweet almonds, oil saflorovoye, B5 vitamin, vitamin E, a milk protein, cucumber extract, ling-ch and a shitaka extract, extract of mango, Chacol granule.

Body scrub Papaya

Body scrub from a papaya – one of our favourite means. All of us simply adore it, and we would be very surprised if it wasn't pleasant to you. We borrowed this Thai recipe from our senior generation. Our grandmothers used a fresh papaya and other tropical fruit puree to restore tired skin. We think, its seductive aroma of everyone will force to smile as this means gently peels the become lifeless skin. This fruit formula quickly and deeply peels and peels skin, without irritating her. It is made of extracts of a papaya and pineapple which have unique property to destroy exclusively become lifeless and damaged sections, without doing harm to healthy skin, and the mangostan known thanks to the antibacterial action. The papaya and pineapple are by nature rich with enzymes протеолитик, a papaya and бромелаин. They are well-known the dissolving action on binding proteins of the dead cages located on a surface a stratum корнеум skin. Deleting dead cages, enzymes stimulate growth of new. Also contains natural fibers of a loofah. Does skin absolutely pure and literally shining.

Thai grass sacks

The Thai massage with grass sacks incorporated all the best of traditional Thai medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and culture of yogis. Application of collection of herbs is very ancient and original method of treatment in Thailand and India. A set of herbs is wrapped in cotton fabric and before application heats up on a double boiler or a hot pan then by the massing movements it is pounded on sick sites. By means of heat and action of a compress of medical herbs the sack helps to cure and reduce tension in the aching or inflamed muscles. It also promotes improvement of respiratory functions and works as natural antiseptics, warming up and comforting skin.
Structure: codiaeum of Roksburga (croton oblongifolius roxb), mountain ginger (zingiber montanum), vernoniya ashy (vernonia cinerea (L.) Less), a hromolena fragrant or the poskonnik (eupatorium odoratum linn), лемонграсс or a lemon sorghum (cymbopogon citratus), an alpiniya of a galang or galangat (alpinia galanga L.), turmeric long or turmeric (curcuma longa L.), camphor (camphor).

Thai balm

It is constituted according to ancient Thai recipes it is used in professional procedures as means for medical massage of a vorotnikovy zone (this type of massage is very popular in Thailand). It takes off pain in cervical area, relaxes muscles, saves from a headache, invigorates and also helps in case of complete and partial paralysis, spasms, belly-ache, in case of skin diseases, stings of insects, muscular inflammations, injuries of sinews. It is effective in case of the zazhivleniyakh of wounds. It is also used in case of massage of problem, painful sites of all body pointwise. Perfectly helps in case of catarrhal diseases of a nose and throat. It is very effective together with massage by hot grass sacks.
Balm is constituted from more than twenty components of the herbs growing in the mountain woods of Thailand, is known far outside the country, was exported to medieval Europe by the European trade trading stations.
Structure: Fresh zingiber монтанум, Vaseline, Borneo Camphor, Camphor циннамон, Menthol, etc.

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