Thai grass sacks

The Thai massage with grass sacks incorporated all the best of traditional Thai medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and culture of yogis. Application of collection of herbs is very ancient and original method of treatment in Thailand and India. A set of herbs is wrapped in cotton fabric and before application heats up on a double boiler or a hot pan then by the massing movements it is pounded on sick sites. By means of heat and action of a compress of medical herbs the sack helps to cure and reduce tension in the aching or inflamed muscles. It also promotes improvement of respiratory functions and works as natural antiseptics, warming up and comforting skin.
Structure: codiaeum of Roksburga (croton oblongifolius roxb), mountain ginger (zingiber montanum), vernoniya ashy (vernonia cinerea (L.) Less), a hromolena fragrant or the poskonnik (eupatorium odoratum linn), лемонграсс or a lemon sorghum (cymbopogon citratus), an alpiniya of a galang or galangat (alpinia galanga L.), turmeric long or turmeric (curcuma longa L.), camphor (camphor).

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