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TOK-SEN therapy

This unique massage technics helps to relax your body, work out body blocks, improve your emotional state and quality of life. Tok Sen massage is an ancient northern Thai practice that involves the use of a special wooden hammer , made from the bark of the tamarind tree, to relax muscles in a rhythmically tapping motion, ‘Tok Sen’. Tok means to hammer or hit and sen refers to the pathways in the body


Unusual present – Certificate scroll. Thai massage is a wonderful present

It can be even more wonderful if gifted in a special way. We suggest that you should present a real scroll made of artificially aged vellum – Thai massage Certificate




The feeling of tranquility, serenity, burst of energy, harmony of soul and body… 

Isn’t it your dream? You can get this feeling with real Thai massage in our SPA , situated on Myachkovskiy bulvar street in Marjino. This kind of massage can be called a real art. It was born in ancient times. Its secrets were thoroughly kept by the therapists and were given only to profoundly gifted people from generation to generation. 

Thereby today you can enjoy therapeutic power of ancient traditions in our SPA  salon at Bratislavskaya metro. Thai massage system differs essentially from common massage. One-of-a-kind flower fragrance, winking candles, massagists’ movements that give you lightness and peace – you can experience it all visiting “SPA Mantra” – spa salon in Marjino. 

Thai massage is  a combination of point implication on different body areas, soft manual therapy, twisting, stretching and other technics. Would you like to enjoy the classic variant of this therapy? A good choice! It provides a full workup of all biologically active zones – from tiptoe to the top of the head. Do you have any problems in your neck and shoulder area? Then you should choose “Lightness of Being” – an ideal massage for improvement of blood circulation and giving tone to your body. 

Four hand massage – the best way to get rid of stress. Two masters will dip you into state of relax and tr anquility by synchronous movements.

What are the goals of Thai massage?

First of all:

  • steady your nerves, body relaxation;
  • improve of blood circulation;
  • stimulation of internal organs;
  • improve of mental health;
  • stimulation of activity connected with cleaning body of toxins and extra fluid.

Besides during and after the massage there are different other changes in human body that help to get rid of various diseases and contribute to energy and vitality inflow.

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Our team congratulates you with all the passed holidays. We wish this year teach all us to enjoy all small details, value them, give them to our close people and friends!

What can be as easy as a smile, a word of encouragement, a small present or just a cup of tea made with love! We wish you harmony in your souls and families!


Choose any kind of Thai massage

In massage salon «SPA Mantra» situated at Bratislavskaya metro station one can enjoy different kinds of massage. «Tranquil wave», «Pearl of the East», «Breathe of Siam» — these and also other treatment will free you of diseases and give your body a lot of new and pleasant feelings Would you like to feel the curing effect of Thai massage? 

Do you want to dip yourself into the world of harmony and enjoy burst of energy, courage and great mood? Then Thai massage salon “SPA Mantra” in Marjino near Bratislavskaya metro station is open for you with great pleasure.

Thai massage – What is it?

Real Thai Massage begins from recitation of mantra addressed to doctor Shivago – the therapist asks for power in her hands and health for a patient. According to the legend that was him, an Indian healer, doctor Shivago who laid the basis for Thai massage over two thousand years ago. During long meditations and praying the secret knowledge that helped to create a unique principles of body curing was discovered by him. 

For centuries it was given from generation to generation only in temples and in families of healers, wandering Southeast Asia with ancient Thai nation until they settled the territory of present Thailand.