TOK-SEN therapy

I adore Thai massage and when I learnt about a new technics called tok-sen I became just obsessed by the idea of trying it and bringing it to our spa. For a long time I didn’t have any chance to try this therapy and I went on searching for a master who could manage this technics. But one day our massagist Chong made a surprise for me, she found such therapist! I fully trust Chong and I invited her to our salon. 

So, finally a long-waited session started. It is done on the bed, the client wears special uniform for thai massage. First the massagist “goes” from feet to neck with light movements like while traditional thai massage. Then she tested my back and started to tap it. The master does it deliberately only in the blocked areas. The tappings are done simultaneously with massage which differs from thai massage and is unlike any other Asian massage. And what is very important: it is the feeling from the first tapping that our organism is a single entity! 

The therapist taps me in one area but the sense flows over the whole body as a wave. And also there is a new feeling: a block is as an accumulation of energy, when therapist taps on it, it’s like an explosion, and this energy spreads over the body like a wave. 

There was a moment when I couldn’t feel my body, I felt myself as a sound or a wave. There is a strong vibration coming through the body. And there are the conclusions. When we get nervous, are distressed, scared, all these emotions are reflected in our body by means of tensed muscles. Sometimes we collect such tension for years, and it as alive uses our energy and power. But after this therapy all the power is released. 

First I couldn’t understand what happened to me, I felt more power but didn’t know how to harmonize it. And during the next day it was harmonized by itself, and now I surely feel I BECAME STRONGER! I should give you notice that after this massage emotionalism is possible, our hidden emotions appear. This therapy disagrees with people suffering from mental illnesses. I think that TOK-SEN, a new technics in our spa, will open the door to the World of learning of your body and consciousness. 

For the good result you should have minimum three such sessions. First the master works out your surface blocks, every next session getting deeper inside. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us on the phone or we’ll be glad to see you in our salon!

The price for 1 hour of the therapy is 2500 ₽

1,5 hour - 3400  ₽

In working days from 10-00 to 17-00 - 2100  ₽ for 1 hour.

Also, stock happines for two  


Dear ladies, especially for you for a long time we were looking for and finally found very good and efficient face treatment. 

Very often our first wrinkles appear as a result of moisture stress. So not long time ago one of the Thai factories offered us to test a number of cosmetic products for dry skin. I tested all the products myself and was very satisfied with the result. The result was really great, even the first procedure makes your skin soft and firm. Also several our clients joined our experiment, among them there was Vera Kulikova a professional cosmetologist, here is her impression: The treatment for dry and thin skin is very good in windy and frosty weather, for oily skin it is not preferable as can cause occlusion because the product is consistent, I liked the master’s technics. 

I liked the feeling the next morning after procedure, the skin remained well hydrated. I will not write anything else, I think it’s better to try once than to read a lot about. By the way, if you come to our salon from 10 to 17 on workdays, there will be special price for this procedure. Good Luck! See you!

ТОК-СЕН терапия