Every day in our salon some miracles happen!))) Yes, yes, exactly miracles! This is the miracle of transformation. When a person comes to salon, especially for the first time, he/she is usually “spiny”, distrustful, sometimes already with some experience, someone with expectation. I usually look at him attentively and I want to feel him, to understand what we can do for him, how to remove depression and irritation from his face and to place joy and pleasure there. I begin to ask many questions to understand what master suits this person, which program is preferable. And I usually see the result when the person leaves.....

And in this section I want you to see  the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly together with us! And also here you can see the comments from our butterflies in their new state! And this section is also designed for our butterflies not to forget who they actually are!

Irina Gratinskaya:

Six years ago I broke the hip, and I couldn’t turn out my right leg. After three sessions of massage performed by the master Lek, I managed to sit in the lotus position. I could only dream of it before.

Pogorelova Ksenia:

I get very relaxed, the pain disappears. The atmosphere is very much pleasant! 

Efimenko Tatyana:

I relax and some lightness appear! There is a beautiful tea room, the atmosphere is inviting and I thrive! 


I am so happy! Big Gratitude to Anna, for the fact that she created all this! My master Nissi is excellent!

Ekaterina Demicheva:

I have chosen Lakki because after her massage I get both emotional and physical relaxation and I leave the salon restored, in a condition of internal peace and emotional harmony. 

Olga Chernykh:

I have a quite widespread problem, my osteochondrosis "walks". I go to the master Nissi, she works hard! After the session the pain leaves! And in general, she understands where the working out is needed.