Mother's Day in Thailand

Mother … the word which responds heat in heart of everyone. How many years to us was, every time hearing these four sounds, we somewhere at the subconscious level feel heat, safety, vseprinimayushchy and self-sacrificing love of the person who once has become our first conductor to this world.

In each people treat mothers yours faithfully and deep respect. But, perhaps, in Thailand honoring it is expressed especially brightly and brought to the level of a national holiday.

On August 12 Thailand dresses up in blue clothes: on streets hang out blue flags, people put on in clothes of all shades blue and, apparently, the sky falls by Earth to express the respect to all women who have ventured to play a great role – a role of mother. "Mea" - so sounds this word in Thai.

This holiday is so important for the people of Thailand that he was made official day off. The Thai Embassy solemnly brings together the same who is outside the country in the walls that fellow citizens could and in the distance from the homeland share awe of holiday.

The Mother's Day in Thailand matches another, at least important holiday – Birthday of the queen Sirikit. Together with the king Rama IX they rule the country more than 65 years and became the embodiment of parent care and responsibility.

Thais esteem deeply the parents. And this relation can't be taught. It can only be absorbed, since the birth being in the environment of full care and respect for relatives.

Masters of our salon, as well as everything, once were little girls. In the stories about a holiday they are laconic. On gloss of eyes and special intonations in a voice it is visible – it is about something very intimate. Being small, they with pleasure waited for this day to present to mothers a branch or a garland from flowers of a jasmine – a symbol of purity and feminity, and in the evening, having nestled on the dearest person, admired the salute painting with stars the dark August sky. All of them are already mothers and today received congratulations from the children. But also, having woken up in the morning, first of all have dialed numbers of the mothers or have remembered in prayers of those who have already left the earth.

Let's open a secret – so occurs not only on August 12. Girls call mothers every morning, are interested, how are you, share events of day and learn about their needs. And such relation passes from father to son. In Thailand there are no nursing homes, there it isn't accepted to forget about parents even if it you is far from the house.

When you see such examples, there is a wish to adopt good in the life. It isn't obligatory to wait, on November 27 when the Mother's Day is celebrated in Russia, it is possible to dial familiar number right now and to take an interest as there lives a native person there, on other end of a wire.

What happens to a body at a stress

There is a lot of reasons for a stress: from the traffic turning life into infinite expectation to really unpleasant and terrible situations which, from time to time, happen to many of us.

Can't get used to this condition of people under no circumstances. The constant stress not only reduces all our vital indicators: he literally burns our organism alive.

Besides, many people get used, gradually, to this constant mode of a work involving all hands. The problems arising at the same time are extinguished by tablets, and the bad mood improves abundance of sugar and alcohol. What, of course, only aggravates a problem. We have decided to demonstrate to you that happens to your organism at a stress. Perhaps, it will help you to correct the living position in more correct key.


The long period of a stress kills our immunity. The matter is that the system directed to quick response against the arisen infection so constantly is in fighting activity. Here only her efforts absolutely not there where it is required are directed — immunity tries to deal with the problems which live only at us in the head. Result, of course, zero. But causative agents of an infection during this period feel freely: for this reason stressful situations are so often accompanied by unpleasant diseases. So, story about communication of an overstrain and possibility of cancer are based, in effect, "on real events". Try to remember it next time when you begin to be nervous because of trifles.

Tachycardia and the speeded-up breath

The protective system of an organism provides connection important for salvage from real danger of functions. What is required to the person whom the bear attacked? Well, except good luck of course. Correctly, the oxygenated lungs for run and a frequent cordial rhythm to the maximum to supply all body with a blood. It has to be enough for the person for one desperate breakthrough to appear as it is possible further from danger. But our brain is simply not fitted to distinguish fiction from reality: tachycardia is provided to you at any signs of danger. Such regimen blasts our heart, from here and the amount of the related illnesses which became frequent recently.

Gastric disturbance

All resources in case of dangerous collision shall be given to functions which will salvage the person of time at present. All other processes of a body are slowed down or stop at all. A stomach as it is possible to guess, the "smart" antistressful system prefers to disconnect as unnecessary for momentary salvation. From here — fixed frustration of this body, nausea, intolerance of some products and, as a result, an ulcer and gastritis.

The reading off scale arterial pressure

And one more protective function of an organism: rising of arterial pressure. The constant regimen in which sensors of pressure read off scale for red line doesn't bring anything good. Over time, arterial plaques which big clump leads to an atherosclerosis begin to appear. The disease is, of course, not lethal, but pleasant it isn't enough here.

Constant headaches

Many people, especially office workers, got used to extinguish constant headaches tablets. It eliminates only a symptom, but not a problem. The matter is that at a stress our muscles are very strongly strained — for instant reaction "if something happens". Blood vessels of a neck are pressed, there are muscular spastic strictures. The brain ceases to receive enough a blood and oxygen that is absolutely harmless for the momentary solution of a dangerous situation and is very harmful in the long term.

Stress hormone

Several seconds later after emergence of a dangerous situation, the organism begins to produce the increased amount of hormones of a norepinefrin and adrenaline. Then, on the stage so-called "hormone of a stress" — cortisol appears. It is very important for normal functioning of an organism as, pumping sugar in a blood-groove, it regulates an adequate condition of all body in case of decrease in level of adrenaline. It is quite good if it is about instant reaction to danger. And it is absolutely unacceptable for the long period of a stress. Cortisol as much as possible suppresses growth of bones, they become fragile and fragile. It is responsible for transparency of immune system which is suppressed with hormone development.

Original gift certificate!

He represents a roll from artificially made old parchment paper with the welcome message to its future owner from the relatives who have presented him such fine opportunity to plunge into heat and care through hands of our masters


I adore the Thai massage and when has learned about existence of the new equipment under the tempting name TOK-CEH, was simply obsessed with the idea to try it and to bring to us in salon.
Very long I didn't manage to experience ancient practice of TOK-CEH, and I continued to look for the master who would own this equipment. And here in one of days our master Chong has prepared a surprise....

Birthday of the king Bhumibol Adulyadej (Ram IX)

Thailand is one of the countries where constitutional monarchy has still remained. Also governs here, still, already 200 years, Chakri's dynasty. The king Rama IX acting, now, (Pumi … пон Adulyadet), in power more than 60 years are. For this very long period he has got, from the people, general love, and in the political world deep respect and respect.

As the king's rights to the power are limited to the constitution of Thailand, he actually doesn't direct the country, but has more influence on foreign and domestic policy of the state, and in public life of Thailand plays an important role. On the Buddhist to belief the king is a confidant to Buddha – "the Lord's anointed" therefore the people of Thailand idolize the leader of the country. But not only, this special provision does it popular in the people. All recognize that it to all other – the competent, wise and diplomatic head, a lot of things attention giving and to social problems in the country.
His birthday is celebrated in Thailand with big scope. He was born on December 5, 1927 (according to a Buddhist calendar 2470) in Cambridge, the State of Massachusetts, the USA. This year to him 86 years were executed (2556 in Thai, 2013 our way). Despite the place of his birth, in him 100% the Thai blood flow. Some days before this date, already, festive events begin. And the cities and small villages deck streets portraits, flags and a set of flowers. On December 3, by tradition, at Royal Plaza Square recite a solemn oath to the king Rama IX. On television, the ceremony is broadcast all over the country and brings together a great number of the viewers at TV screens. The main celebrations pass across all country on December 5.
The center of a festival, of course, is the capital – Bangkok. The king delivers the welcoming speech, by tradition, from a palace balcony, in the presence of one thousand citizens of the country and guests. The monarch the beautiful speaker, his speech is passionate, full of sense and, is generally similar to the sermon of the father. This day many put on in clothes of yellow color (color of a royal dynasty), – so people express the respect to his Majesty. Buildings in the city, mainly, have decoration of this color.
At Korolevskaya Square the main celebrations which are poured in Sanam Lung and Ratchadamnoyen Avenya are developed. The only day in a year this brisk prospectus is filled not with cars and the exulting celebrating people. By the evening the city is decked by millions of fires: colourful illumination, small lamps, garlands are lit all corners of the city. And the celebration final – the magnificent fireworks shaking everything around!
This event was celebrated also in our salon! Our masters have prepared traditional Thai dishes with which we treated all who came this day to us on a visit and to massage. Celebration has taken place very tasty!

Hello dear friends! Savadika!

I am glad to welcome you on our new website.

All our staff of the Mantra salon SPA warmly congratulates you on past holidays
Let this year will teach all of us to Rejoice, to all important trifles, to appreciate them, to give them to relatives and friends! What can be simpler than a smile, the supporting word, a small cozy gift, or just a cup of tea, served with Lyubov! Let all will have a World in Souls and Families!

Everything goes and changes, here and one more year has passed, and this fine year we have begun with little changes
In the end of the year we have seen off Joy, she has worked at us two years, many have fallen in love with her kind hands and the maternal attitude towards each guest. Now Joy has continued the teaching activity, and she transferred to all who loves her that a part of her heart remained forever in Russia and, despite distance, she always mentally with us.
Our master Chong, has gone in a long-awaited holiday to gain strength. She will return in March. She promised that she will arrive well rested and full of strength!
And still we had had a new master, her name is Tyn. She has arrived to us with new technology of massage which is called CURRENT - SEP, is more detailed about this mysterious equipment and about Tyn I will write separately.

We will be glad to a meeting with each of YOU, this year and we will share as always heat of the hearts, tasty tea, a cozy conversation and that world and joy with which we could fill our corner in Maryino under the name SPA Mantra!