Coco oil

Effect of coconut oil is boundless. Coconut oil is the best therapeutic means in Thailand. Since ancient times residents of Thailand applied coconut oil on skin to soften and saturate sun-scorched and operation on fields skin. Protecting and nourishing skin, oil recovered it and prolonged youth. Many Thai women still don't use cosmetics, and just put in the morning and in the evening natural coconut oil and results shake! At many of them, considering continuous solar influence, by an old age wrinkles are practically not watched. But only regular — guarantee of resistant result!
Our oil is received by cold pressing that allows it to keep in full Vitamin E and lauric acid. These potent nutritious components take root into an integument and fight against free radicals which, as we know, are the reason of aging of a skin and an organism in general. Regular use prevents formation of folds, eliminates a xeroderma and any possible borings.

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