Cocoa oil

One more of besseler from our nature, such favorable on the gifts! Cocoa oil - the fine means applied in cosmetology to a skin care. At women of South America of the spoiling extensions on a body even after numerous childbirth doesn't happen, the secret of beauty of their firm skin consists in regular use of cocoa butter. In the Mantra salon Spa we use fragrant cocoa butter for fight against dryness of skin, display of wrinkles and for rejuvenescence of the person, a neck and a body. This fat natural product is world-best natural means from extensions and scars: carefully and deeply nourishing skin, oil smoothes all folds, hems and hillocks, at the same time oil has antiallergenic properties. Cocoa butter will protect your skin and from frosts, the best frostbite medicine and an obvetrivaniye to find simply not perhaps! And if right after massage with cocoa oil in Spa the Mantra you decide to acquire a tan or a sunbed that suntan to turn out beautiful brown color.
Is fine means for prevention and elimination of extensions, scars and other cosmetic defects.

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