Body scrub Papaya

Body scrub from a papaya – one of our favourite means. All of us simply adore it, and we would be very surprised if it wasn't pleasant to you. We borrowed this Thai recipe from our senior generation. Our grandmothers used a fresh papaya and other tropical fruit puree to restore tired skin. We think, its seductive aroma of everyone will force to smile as this means gently peels the become lifeless skin. This fruit formula quickly and deeply peels and peels skin, without irritating her. It is made of extracts of a papaya and pineapple which have unique property to destroy exclusively become lifeless and damaged sections, without doing harm to healthy skin, and the mangostan known thanks to the antibacterial action. The papaya and pineapple are by nature rich with enzymes протеолитик, a papaya and бромелаин. They are well-known the dissolving action on binding proteins of the dead cages located on a surface a stratum корнеум skin. Deleting dead cages, enzymes stimulate growth of new. Also contains natural fibers of a loofah. Does skin absolutely pure and literally shining.

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