Body scrub Coconut

The cream srub contains nutritious vegetable ingredients, natural oil and fruit extract which will help to peel gently become lifeless sections of skin and to remove skin pollution from internal skin layers, at the same time clearing and adding to skin gloss and shine. Existence in cream srub of natural herbs will help to soften and clear skin thanks to the therapeutic properties which are available in them. The cream srub the Coco – regenerates dry skin! Coconut oil is known the versatility in medical application: from property to act as the anesthetizing oil treating bruises healing wounds and scars up to the Thai use as conditioning agents behind a body and skin. In this regard the Srub on the basis of coconut oil best of all suits the dry and very dry skin needing restoration. Coconut oil during the procedure of clarification will quickly be absorbed and will restore a healthy condition of skin. Coconut oil as a part of a cream cleaner will cure not only of dryness and of cracks, but also of a bacterial and virus inflammation.
Active ingredients: the deionized water, oil ши, oil jojoba, oil of sweet almonds, nut oil a macadamia, an extension from Morus Alba leaves, honey, coconut oil, coconut granules.

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