Thai balm

It is constituted according to ancient Thai recipes it is used in professional procedures as means for medical massage of a vorotnikovy zone (this type of massage is very popular in Thailand). It takes off pain in cervical area, relaxes muscles, saves from a headache, invigorates and also helps in case of complete and partial paralysis, spasms, belly-ache, in case of skin diseases, stings of insects, muscular inflammations, injuries of sinews. It is effective in case of the zazhivleniyakh of wounds. It is also used in case of massage of problem, painful sites of all body pointwise. Perfectly helps in case of catarrhal diseases of a nose and throat. It is very effective together with massage by hot grass sacks.
Balm is constituted from more than twenty components of the herbs growing in the mountain woods of Thailand, is known far outside the country, was exported to medieval Europe by the European trade trading stations.
Structure: Fresh zingiber монтанум, Vaseline, Borneo Camphor, Camphor циннамон, Menthol, etc.

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