Natural gel of the Aloe Vera

Natural source of fresh potent antioxidants. Allows to protect a skin from oxidation, prevents aging and emergence of folds. Improves cellular oxygen exchange, has soft medical effect - takes out an inflammation, dermal rashes, reduces negative impact of the polluted environment and eliminates consequences of long influence of the sun. Gel of 100% of the Aloe Vera – universal gel. Thailand uses it for well-known a massage Aloe vera. For this purpose gel is admixed with massage oil or cream just before the procedure. Such massage gives the fine cooling and moistening effect, restores very dry skin, napityvy its natural moisture of an aloe belief. Also gel can be used independently and to apply with a thin layer on a skin for putting off of an inflammation after thermal and solar combustions. It instantly takes out a combustion, allows to reduce the itch, an eruption and a boring caused by an allergy. Strengthens skin cells. It is used also and for mild acupressure of the person.
Active ingredients: the deionized water, juice scarlet belief, порошёк from juice of leaves Aloe Barbadensis
Massage with oil one of the most popular and pleasant massages for him we use only natural oils and those that have undergone long-term testing in our salon.

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