Share! On weekdays from 10 to 17 o'clock several massages of 1900 rubles


Dear friends! Attention!

The prices of workday offer will change from the 1st of  February:

  1. From Monday to Friday from 10 to 17 we set the special price 1900₽ per hour of several massages. This offer includes oil massage, herbal compress, traditional Thai massage, massage for face. Even all spa thrapies cost 1900₽  per hour.

  2. Slim massage and TOK-SEN from 10 to 17 for special price 2000 P per hour.

  3. Traditionally Foot massage has been one of the most important kinds of massage in Thailand, and not only in Thailand but also in many other countries of Southeast Asia. As a matter of fact our feet are hologram, there is a great number of acupuncture points on them, which are the map of all our inner organs. Besides, according to the Thai traditions, all our painful thoughts and emotions remain in our legs and feet, so this massage helps to clean not only our body but also our soul. Our guests often say that after foot massage the force of gravity becomes lighter. And now you have chance to become familiar with this kind of massage for a special price 1700 ₽ per hour, at any time!

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